What is?

It is the outsourcing of processes that are not part of the main course of a business, allowing efforts to be focused on critical activities in order to acquire competitiveness and tangible results.

Benefits for our clients

Reduce costs and time in hiring staff
Optimize the tasks of: Selection, Recruitment, Hiring, Training
Allocate a larger budget to increase productivity
Save resources so that they are allocated to the company's Core processes
Availability of highly qualified personnel
Prioritize key areas of the company

Outsource part of an area of ​​your business…

We give you a hiring solution that allows you to cover your personnel needs for an indefinite period of time, so that you can focus your efforts on the Core areas of your business, optimizing your processes by experts in HR management, we recruit and select the best talents in the Chilean market.

At Easy Jobs you will always have the Inhouse model, to ensure that your operation is optimal and profitable, we will provide you with relevant data so that you can make the best decisions objectively, where our KPI reporting and measurement system is completely tailored of our clients.



Benefits for our collaborators

Increases the
work experience
Provides job stability
Boost professional development
Access to training

Areas of expertise









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Customer Portal

Partner Portal

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